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Cosmetic Dentistry / Tooth Whitening

What is Whitening?

Coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, and simply regular daily activities can impact the brilliance of your smile. Whiter teeth look healthier, they make you look better, and others will notice your beautiful smile.

Tooth whitening is not a permanent solution. Veneers may be needed as an alternative and permanent solution if the patient does not show improvement with teeth whitening.


Take home Whitening Kit

It takes about a couple of weeks to get an optimal results with the take home whitening kit.

It takes a bit more time than an alternative procedure, however, it is more comfortable and convenient way of teeth whitening.

One of the advantages of at home bleaching systems is that over time when your teeth pick up staining, refills can be used for one or more days to recreate that bright smile.

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$250 for take home whitening kit