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Other Treatments / Bruxism

What is Bruxism

Bruxism can be simply referred as to the grinding of teeth or the clenching of jaws. Bruxism often occurs during deep sleep or while under stress.

What Causes Bruxism?

  • Anger, pain or frustration
  • Anxiety, stress or tension
  • Certain personality types (particularly, aggressive, competitive or hyperactive personalities)
  • Malocclusion (teeth that are not aligned properly)
  • Posture
  • Diet and sleeping habits

What are the Symptoms?

  • Teeth grinding and teeth clenching
  • Facial pain
  • Headaches
  • Oversensitive teeth
  • Tongue indentations
  • Damage to the tooth enamel causing the inside of the tooth to be exposed

What are the Treatment Options?

  • Occlusal Splints (also known as Mouthguard) to prevent teeth grinding together.
  • Surgery: Only recommended in extreme cases.
  • Medications: muscle relaxants or mild sleeping aids.
  • Therapies: Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Stress management, Relaxation therapy and meditation